Kelsey & Jonathan - The Proposal

What do you get when you mix a chance Instagram message, a whistle-stop European trip, arguably the biggest ever Harry Potter fan, one surprise proposal and the effective use of Google street view?…Pure happiness! 

I couldn’t have been more excited when Jonathan got in touch over Instagram to inquire about a secret proposal shoot in Alnwick Castle. Jonathan and his girlfriend Kelsey are from America and were spending some time exploring the U.K and Iceland. 

During his time in the North East, Alnwick Castle i.e ‘the Harry Potter Castle’, was a must see. Kelsey is hands down the biggest Harry Potter fan I have ever met, I am talking falling asleep to audio books every night kind of fan.  

Over the next few weeks, plans fell into place mainly through extensive usage of google maps to find the perfect spot. We had a time, a location and a rough idea of what each other looked like. It was all systems go. 

Despite my initial nerves (think of all the variables!) I couldn’t have been more pleased with how this proposal shoot went. The main reason being that Kelsey and Jonathan are, as you can see, just the happiest, most fun loving couple. It was such a joy to be able to share that wonderful moment with them. 

Congratulations to Kelsey and Jonathan on their happy engagement!

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